Top 3 Thrillers

Thrillers get your heart racing a mile a minute while making you think about plots, twists, and character developments. They create characters that are easy to identify with, whether they are good or evil. Thrillers will leave you guessing the whole movie as to what will happen while leaving you on the edge of your seat. A well-made thriller movie has massive amounts of character development, an amazing storyline, and actors who can turn a fictional flick into a reality for the viewer.


This heart stopping thrill ride features an amazing cast that includes Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, and Kevin Spacey. Se7en is a movie about two homicide detectives looking for a serial killer. The killer bases his motives off the world’s ignorance regarding the Seven Deadly Sins that some say are in the Bible. The film takes you into the mind of the killer as the detectives discover one victim after another who has been tortured for their particular sin. Filled with dark tones, this movie will leave you gripping your chair for dear life.

Written by Andrew Kevin Walker and directed by David Fincher, Se7en was nominated for best film editing for the Oscars and won over 25 various awards.


Made in 2007 while being based in the late 60s and early 70s, this thriller is about a San Francisco cartoonist who decides to become an amateur detective. He becomes obsessed with finding the Zodiac Killer, a mad-man who is terrorizing Northern California with a killing spree. The cartoonist Robert Graysmith (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a character that is based on the fictional novel written by Robert Graysmith. Director David Fincher does a great job of helping the viewer to understand and relate to the characters and their lives.

Zodiac won several awards such as best supporting actor (Robert Downey Jr.), best screenplay (James Vanderbilt), and best film editing (Angus Wall).

Along Came a Spider

This amazing story stars a variety of A-list actors such as Morgan Freeman (Alex Cross), Michael Wincott (Gary Soneji) and Monica Potter (Jezzie Flannigan). The story deals with a senator’s daughter who is kidnapped from her private school by an individual who has it out for Alex Cross. After just losing his partner, Cross is drawn into this fast paced storyline that will leave you at the edge of your seat for the whole movie.

Released in 2001 and written by beloved author James Patterson, Along came a spider is a classic action packed thriller. Directed by Lee Tamahori, this movie will have you cheering for the good guys while understanding the mentality of Alex Cross.

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