Top 3 Comedies

Comedies allow us to laugh at others and various story lines while taking our minds of more serious problems and life issues. They can impact our culture in the way we talk to each other, dress, and view systems in our society. Comedies take an unrealistic version of individuals and society to create a healthy laugh. They provide an escape from the darker and more serious problems that viewers normally deal with.


Written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, this movie takes a look at two best friends who are dealing with their last few weeks of High School. Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) are two nerds looking to hang with the popular kids of the school one last time before real life sets in.

This comedy pushes the boundaries that every teenager dreams of doing while showing the humorous side of humanity. Directed by Greg Mottola, this film will leave you in stitches from laughing so hard while relating to a variety of characters. One of the most memorable of those characters from Superbad was Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), also known as McLovin.

Dumb and Dumber

This classic comedy from 1994 takes the absurd stupidity of two fictional characters and how they interact with the rest of the world. What made this film so great was the two leads played by Jim Carrey (Lloyd Christmas) and Jeff Daniels (Harry Dunne). Together these amazing comedians and actors brought to life characters that the whole world could laugh at.

Directed by Peter Farrelly and written by Peter Farrelly and Bennett Yellin, this film became an instant classic before it had even left the box-office.

American Pie

Written by Adam Herz and directed by Paul Weitz and Chris Weitz, American Pie focuses on teenage life and issues in a non-stop laughing way. The iconic scene of character Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) masturbating in a pie will forever stay in the minds of all who have seen this flick. This story is based on four friends who are resolved to lose their virginity before they graduate from High School. The film follows each character leading up to prom night and their various adventures.

With an all-star cast starring in the movie, this film is one that everyone can relate to on some level. Tackling issues like sex, parties, parents and friends; American Pie is full of memorable one-liners and hilarious moments.

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