Free Spins Slot Machines Based On Movies

Did you know that the owner of Impact Movie Magazine, Max Smith, loves to play on online slot machines once in a while? Not the regular kind of slot machines of course, but the ones that are based on popular movies. Max likes to try out new releases to see if the concept connects with the theme and storyline. On the internet you can find plenty online slot machines that are based on the biggest blockbusters and even television shows. It’s not always easy to find the best ones around, since there are so many out there. Together with Max, Impact Movie Magazine has selected the best movie-based online slot machines that are also included with a lot of free spins.


The younger generation still can recall the thrills and excitement that they felt when the original Jumanji movie was released in 1995. This movie has always been a very popular one, since it was pretty scary and very realistically made. They even did a remake of the story in 2017, with the release of Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle. Because of its popularity, software developer NetEnt decided to develop an online slot machine, based on the adventurous Jumanji journey. This slot machine is included with many wild animals, dangerous obstacles and a lot of free spins. Ready to start playing the forbidden board game yourself? Discover your inner adventurer and maybe you will end up with a big amount of money.


Who doesn’t know the iconic song “My heart will go on” of Celine Dion? This soundtrack of the movie the Titanic made it number one in the charts and everybody seems to recognize the song. The Titanic movie was a big hit in 1997, because of its intriguing story about forbidden love and the tragic event of the ship back in 1912. This recommendable movie is still in our minds today and even made it to an online slot machine. The Titanic slot machine is based on the ship break and the people that were on it during this event. This game offers a lot of interesting features and free spins rounds, which can be very helpful. The soundtrack of Celine Dion is also implemented in this game and starts playing if you end up with a winning combination.

Iron Man

The Marvel Comics are now transformed in to exciting and dynamical movies and that process is still going on as we speak. The hit movie Iron Man played by Robert Downey jr. became very popular among the action-movie fans, which resulted in a big success. The Iron Man slot machine, developed by the provider Playtech, is based on the original comics and Marvel theme. This game is known for its free spins features and interesting bonus game. If you are looking for an online slot machine which contains a lot of action, you should give Playtech’s Iron Man a go! The graphics are dynamic and the free spins can be retriggered, which is interesting for players who likes to collect multiple free spins.

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