Impact Movie Magazine is a digital site for movie fans that explores how films can impact society, culture, and individuals. Each generation can relate and identify with movies that speak to them and their way of life.

Founded by Max Smith, Impact Movie Magazine is passion turned into a reality. Max has been a movie nerd since childhood and has a deep interest in film knowledge and the history of movie making. He knows that those who have helped create the great cinematic masterpieces of time, have a direct impact on culture and society as a whole.

Smith has a background in the online gambling industry and recently sold two of his companies to fund this digital magazine for movie lovers. Max’s previous ventures that he sold were Slots and Stripes and Slot Prince, of which both were successful in creating an online environment that entertained. He has taken the money from those sales to fund this new online magazine in order to fulfill a lifelong dream and passion. Max Smith has surrounded himself with talented writers and editors to produce the best available content regarding films of the past and of today.

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