Impact Movie Magazine

Find the best movies ever made, along with recent films that are constantly changing how we view the world. Impact Movie Magazine covers everything that has to do with film world including the coverage of movie festivals and comic cons from the UK and around the globe.

Impact Movie Magazine is founded by entrepreneur Max Smith out of London. Max has been a movie geek all of his life and has a passion for film knowledge, history, and of those who help create masterpieces that impact culture. Smith has a background in the online gambling industry and recently sold two of his companies to fund this digital magazine for movie nerds. Max’s previous ventures that he sold were, paypal casino bonuses and Slot Prince which were famous for improving the online casino bonus scene some of the online casino bonuses he helped launch are bgo casino bonus and superlenny casino bonus. He has taken the money from those sales to fund this new online magazine in order to fulfill a lifelong dream and passion.

Movies have been impacting our society since they were first shown to audiences, changing worldviews of younger generations while providing nostalgia for older individuals. Whether they are based on a true story, a comic book superhero, horror, or on a love for another; films have shaped and identified our greatest fears and strengths.

Movies reflect our thoughts, feelings, and real life events. They help us to escape from the real world for a couple of hours while telling stories that entertain, educate, and leave us scared, but movies can inspire other thinks like creating video games and slot machines for example as the movie topic which is great and also has a big impact!

Comedies allow for laughter at another’s expense while taking our minds of more serious life issues. They can impact our culture in the way we dress, talk, and view corrupt systems. Some of the greatest comedies ever produced have taken real life issues and have turned them into a parody that produces a lasting impression upon the viewers. Comedies take the extreme and unrealistic version of people and events to create a healthy laugh. In doing this, a well-written and acted comedy provides an escape from the darker and more serious issues that viewers have to deal with on a daily basis.

Thriller and horror movies have the same effect as comedies in regards to providing an escape from reality, but they do it by scaring you to your core. The great horror films created throughout time can suck you into their storyline and make you feel as if you’re with the characters on screen. Thrillers get your heart racing and make you think about subjects you would normally not think about. They help you to identify with all the characters whether they are good or evil. Thrillers thrive on killing off characters to create a reaction that is heartfelt. They are full of twists and turns that keep you guessing who the hero is, what will happen, and how the storyline will get resolved. Horror and thriller movies also create a fictional environment, but have the possibility of being real. This is what keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and jumping every time an object comes out of the shadows.

Dramas take the best of what a comedy and thriller can offer and create real life scenarios with plenty of character development. A well-made drama will resemble everyday life while creating emotions, passions, and deep thoughts from its audience. These films can often impact the world in a way that changes our worldview on relationships, politics, and work. Dramas take time to develop the back-stories and thoughts of the characters, along with the fictional world they are living in. They make us think and grab our attention by being able to relate to the film on a variety of levels.

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